13 Things To Do Instead of Calling Your Ex

Having that urge to call your ex, are you? Well, don’t be afraid. That urge will pass away in a moment. While it doesn’t here is a list of things to do instead of calling your ex. 1. Call your best friend. You know the person who didn’t break your heart and made you feel […]

When Your Ex Calls You during No-Contact – 5 Rules To Follow

One of the biggest dilemmas of the no-contact period is when your ex calls you. This is the time for you. You are not supposed to communicate with your ex. If you end up talking to them you are breaking the no contact rule. But, if you don’t answer the call, you might hurt your […]

What To Do When You See Your Ex at a Party – 6 Useful Tips

What do you do when you see your ex at a party? It’s especially confusing when you are in the no-contact period. You are not supposed to talk to them and you suddenly run into them. This weird situation might ruin your chances of getting back together if you don’t play your cards right. #1 […]

5 FAQs About the No Contact Rule

As I keep repeating throughout this website, the no contact period is extremely important in getting your ex back. However, people always seem to have some doubts about the no-contact rule. In this article, I am going to try to clear some of those doubts. 1. What if my ex moves on? If you and […]