Step 3 – Re-Attraction

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Step 3 aka re-attraction is where you are going to reignite the spark between you and your ex. You might think that your ex is not attracted to you right now, but it’s not true. The fact is they were attracted to you once, which means that they did find some of the qualities in you attractive.

All you have to do is remind them about all the qualities in you that they were attracted. Actually, you don’t even have to remind them, they will remember it themselves; you just need to get back in contact with them.

The most important part of Step 3 is step 2. Yes, you read that correctly, unless you are sure you’ve gone through step 2 completely, you shouldn’t move on to step 3. If you are still needy, miserable, obsessive or unhappy, contacting your ex will blow up right in your face.

Regaining Contact

You can contact your ex in many ways like a call, text message, email, facebook and maybe even a hand written letter. Which mode of communication you use is not as important as what you say to them when you contact them (Although from my experience of helping thousands of people, a hand written letter is more effective).

hand written

A hand-written letter stands out in this age of digital communication.

There are certain things that you can say to your ex that will increase your chances of getting back together; we will get into that in a second.

Set Up a Date

Well, now you have to meet your ex. When you contact your ex, you need to ask them to meet you. But do not call it a date. Do not even talk about getting back together. Just say you want to “catch up” or “hang out together”. Try to keep it short, like a lunch or coffee.  The date has to be in setting where you can leave easily if you sense that things are going south.

meetupAnother reason to keep it short is to leave things to their imagination. You show up with a smile on your face, and confidence radiating from every cell in your body, you have a small conversation and you leave. Your ex cannot help but keep thinking about you after the short date.

Remember; do not talk about the relationship during this date. Just talk about the things going on in your life and ask them about their life. And you actually have to have something going on in your life to talk about. You cannot tell them how you spend all night yesterday watching reruns of Jersey Shore in your bed. This is another reason why completing Step 2 is so important.

There are other ways of making this date a success. You can make it emotionally charged and make them feel connected to you again. But that is too much information to cover in this short guide.

Be Attractive

You need to become the person that they fell in love with in the first place. No, scratch that, you need to be a person better than the person they fell in love with. You need to show them that you are not the miserable, needy loser who was begging when they broke up with you. There is a good chance that they have associated a lot of negative feelings with you. You have to break the pattern and give them a taste of the new you.

There are a lot of things that you can do here to make them attracted to you again. I discuss them in my special moves series which we will talk about later.

Right Moves at the Right Time

Timing is extremely important when it comes to getting your ex back. Act too fast, and you push them away, and act too slow and they might move on. It’s not an exact science. It’s an art which you can only learn with experience and which cannot be explained in this short guide…

Step 4 – The Special Moves

This is why I have decided to put this art of getting back together in a special email series.  You can call it Step 4 of the UnBreakup Guide. In Step 4 you will learn

– Exactly how to contact your ex and what to say when they contact you

– Exactly how to write the hand written letter and when to send it.

– How to make your date emotionally charged to reignite attraction and passion

– How to remove all the negative association they might have towards you by a simple technique

– Understand the importance of timing and how you can use it to strike when the iron is hot

Make it your ex’s idea to get back together (Super Ninja Technique)

And best of all, my email series is completely free. You can get it by subscribing to my email list. Trust me, by the time you are done with this series; you will either be in your ex’s arm or be completely over your ex. Enter your name and email below to subscribe.

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