Why It Was Your Destiny to Breakup

Your destiny is to be whatever you want.

Your destiny is to be whatever you want.

Yes, the breakup was painful. Yes, getting over the breakup is hard. Yes, obsessing over your ex is making you tired. Yes, getting back out there might seem scary. Yes, you might feel depressed, lonely and even worthless.

But all of this is part of your destiny. Pain, is the root of growth. Without pain, there will be no growth. You know how your muscles pain after you work out, that pain is just making your muscles stronger.

This breakup pain is no different. Its sole purpose is to help you reach to your destiny. To make you the person you need to be. This pain will eventually lead to you to learn an invaluable lesson(s) in your life.

What is that invaluable lesson?

Pain is meant to be released. You are supposed to learn from pain and release it, because if you don’t, you turn that pain into suffering. The longer you hold on to pain, the more you suffer. This pain is opportunity to grow. It’s an opportunity to learn more about you. It’s an opportunity to take care of yourself. It’s an opportunity to accept your flaws and improve yourself.

This breakup is not something that you should regret. This is something that happened to you. You cannot control what happened to you, the only thing you can control is how you react to it. You couldn’t have done anything to stop the breakup, but you can learn how to get over it and move on instead of dwelling on it.

There is no learning without failure.

There is no learning without failure.

Even if you think this breakup was a failure, it’s OK. There is nothing wrong with failing in life. There is nothing wrong with failing in relationship. The harder you fail, the faster you learn. The fact that this breakup is hard on you just means that you are going to learn a lot about life from this pain.

And if you are reading this, if you are on this website, then deep inside you know that there is something better out there for you. Your mind might be trying to put you down with negative talk or obsession over your ex, but deep down in your heart, you know that you deserve all the happiness in the world.

When life is throwing stones after stones your way, you might feel like giving up, but at that moment, you just need to look deep down inside yourself and realize what you already know. That you deserve better. That you deserve happiness. That you deserve everything this world has to offer.

And when this storm passes, you will have the opportunity to go out there and find the life you always knew that you deserved. And when you do, you will know that this breakup, just like everything else in your life was a part of your destiny. It was a part of making you the person you need to be to get what you deserve.