13 Things To Do Instead of Calling Your Ex

don't call your exHaving that urge to call your ex, are you? Well, don’t be afraid. That urge will pass away in a moment. While it doesn’t here is a list of things to do instead of calling your ex.

1. Call your best friend. You know the person who didn’t break your heart and made you feel miserable? That person who actually have been with you through thick and thin? Yes, your best friend. Why not give him/her a call and let them know how much you appreciate them. Or better yet, tell them you are having an urge to call your ex and ask them to convince you not to do it.

2. Call your Mom. When was the last time you called her and told her that you loved her. You probably gave her a hard time while growing up. And she is the person who loved you no matter what your faults are. I think it’s time you call her.

3. Go to the gym. Seriously, working out is the best thing you can do right now. Instead of doing something that will make you feel worse, why not lift some weights or go for a run. You will feel better and if you could continue it for some time, you will start to look better.

4. Do some volunteer work. How about if instead of calling the person who says he/she doesn’t need you, you go out and help someone who do need you. There are tons of things you can do that will make you feel like you are worth a lot more than your ex would have you believe.

5. Write a list of things you hate about your ex. It’s not the most constructive thing to do but it’s still better than calling your ex. Just make sure you don’t decide to call them and them read the list to them.

6. Do some kickboxing. Now that you have a list of things you hate about your ex, why not go take all that hatred out on a boxing bag. It will give you a good workout and you will have released a lot of emotions.

7. Go on a shopping spree. Buy those shoes that you always wanted. Or just shop around for new clothes. Shopping can never make you feel worse about yourself, unless you are doing it with your ex.

8. Adopt a new pet. It will cure that disease you are suffering from since you broke up; loneliness. And you can direct all the love you had for your ex to the pet. You can be sure it will love you back and never break your heart.

9. Go to a spa. Relax, rejuvenate and forget about your ex. You are not going to be thinking about calling your ex while you are getting pampered by people who are professionally trained to get rid of your stress.

10. Start a mini project. It could be anything from rearranging your furniture to building a model airplane. Find something that interests you and get going.

11. Play video games. You can be winning at the sport you love or be in an adventure killing orcs and goblins with a magical sword that breathes fire. It’s great entertainment and it will keep your mind away from your ex.

12. Plan your life. Set goals for your life and write them down. What do you want in your career, your health, your relationship. Write down where you want to be in one year from now and make a list of goals you want to complete this month.

13. Do something creative. It could be anything from painting to writing. Having a creative outlet will help your emotions flow and will give you something to do instead of calling your ex.